If you want to send the data to your private server or others platform, you could using the HTTPS Connector that we provide on the UnaMe Web. Please follow the step as below to setting up your connector:

1. Go to the UnaMe Web portal and select the CONNECTOR LIST

2. On the CONNECTOR LIST page, press the "+" icon.

3. Select a HTTPS connector.

4. You will see a configuration page for HTTPS connector.

5. Set up your connector configuration as need, the fields with "co_name", "uri" and "method" are mandatory to be filled in.

*co_name: The name of your connector. 
*uri: Your server URL path
*method: Your URL support type
headers: If your server has an authorization, you could fill in with the credential.
payload: Leave as blank if you don't need.
queryParams: Leave as blank if you don't need.

Note: Please don’t delete the configuration if you don’t need, leave as blank otherwise it will cause the connectors doesn't work.